How to train your dragon

February 15, 2014 at 11:39

Okay. Maybe the title is a bit misleading. Or in fact, doesn’t have anything to do with the following post… But they do have HBO here, you know! I was watching “How to train your dragon” the other night and it got me thinking how much my cat looks like the dragon the kid rides, Toothless. See:



But, oh, I digress. I was really going to write about how you get an apartment in  Hiranandani. It is not very simple, it seems. Luckily we have been able to get a really great apartment in the 28th floor of the Verona building here.



We only lease for six months, since we won’t be staying here longer than that, and leasing for that short of a period is almost impossible. We of course found our dream apartment in the Octavius building, very similar to the one we have moved into, only renovated this winter. The owner, however, requested a minimum 1 year lease, which meant that wasn’t going to happen.


The view!

We are however, very happy with our new apartment, paid for all up front (yes, that’s what it takes to get a six month deal). Overall it is nice. We are going to decorate it a bit more here to make sure its nice and “homey”, so you’ll have to wait for the pictures until then.
But you can see the view from our living room:

I need to give a big thank you to Pritesh at Expatprops, and to Tina Nair who has guided us around Powai, looking at apartments. She’s been a great help, and if you are considering to move here, I would very much recommend that you let her and Pritesh sort you out!

A little info on what you may expect financially when leasing here:

1 month rent to broker
3 month rent deposit (this goes straight to the owner, no deposit account)
1 month rent up front (maybe more)
10 000 rupees for registration
15 000 rupees entrance fee (amount depends on building, some even charge exit-fee)
2 000 rupees for police fees (1500 if you go to the station, but that was advised against – they may charge you baksheesh on top)
1000 signatures on 100 formalities and documents

Luckily it all works out fine:-)

Best regards, Marius