On fire

February 19, 2014 at 16:58

Last night something strange happened that Marius and I haven’t been able to figure out what was about. You see, just as we were getting ready for bed I noticed something strange happening on a hill close by. Something was on fire. And it did not exactly look like an ordinary bonfire happening. Actually, it look like the beginning of a wildfire. And since the flames only grew bigger and the smoke got worse, we didn’t feel comfortable just going to sleep before we got to know what was going on. After all, there has been some wildfires in Norway the past few months that has been out of control and burned down people’s homes, so with that in mind, we wanted to know if the fire was under control.


Flames in the dark

So we went downstairs to the guys in the reception at our building to ask them if they knew anything about it. They hadn’t noticed it, so one of the guys accompanied us up to our apartment to have a better view of the situation. He said he didn’t know what it could be, but he called his parents who lived close by to ask them, and he told us that “it was just something happening over there”, and that it was nothing to worry about. So we went to bed.


This morning we expected to see marks of the fire when we drove to the office, but there was no sign of it as we could see. So we still have no idea what happened, but I guess it must have been a controlled fire, as there are no news about it in the local media. Maybe someone was burning grass or it could even be an outdoor cremation happening, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s just us, making a big deal out of a cosy, giant bonfire.

- Andrea