Sunny days

May 8, 2014 at 10:50

Playing cards in the park

Hi! Okay, so I haven’t updated in a while. I’ll blame the weather..? The temperature here is about 35 degrees Celsius now, but the “felt” temperature circles around 42. Going outside is like stepping into a bakers oven and it will leave you apathetic. The feeling I get at around +35 degrees here is in other words much the same feeling i get in -35 degrees in Norway. Of course, the heat is not excuse to sit inside in the air conditioning all day. As any true Norwegian would stress, there is no such thing as “too hot”! So we took a trip to the park the other day to play some cards in the sun. The sun, being a relative term in this sense, because we got about 5 minutes in before we were surrounded by a group of kids who wanted to take our pictures and show us some card tricks.

The days spent in the office are very good these days, and very productive, we’ve blasted through most of the obstacles on my project, and are quickly nearing a finished solution. I hope our customer will be happy! Luckily there is really good air conditioning at the office, so we bless our time there. And we drink all the mango juice we can get our hands on. It’s mango season now, and boy oh boy, do I enjoy it!

Fresh mango juice

Fresh mango juice

Best regards, Marius